Not Just A Designer Who Makes Things “Look Pretty.” I’m a Designer Who Thinks.

Why Work With Grand Ciel Design?

Clients tell me I’m different from other designers, that I’m a designer who thinks, who has an artistic touch and who genuinely “gets” her clients. That’s why they keep coming back and sending referrals.

Clients tell me that:

I’m perceptive and intuitive in understanding them and their needs. They love that I create a branded image and story that truly reflects who they are and what their business is about.

I do the research about your organization, your target audiences, your competition and for your project. There is no better way to bring authenticity to design and success to a project than through thoughtful research.

I do what I say. You’ll get prompt answers to your e-mails, a live person on the phone and if I’m in a meeting, I’ll return your call as soon as possible. I deliver what I say I’ll deliver within the time frame agreed upon or by your deadline.

I look at things from several vantage points. Projects come with different phases and lots of details. It’s important to stay focused on the objectives, but pay attention to the nuances that can take a project from good to WOW.

I care about giving you the best. Being a creative professional means I care about the end results as much as you do. Designers hate shoddy work and I’m no exception. It’s my reputation just as it is yours.

I take a holistic approach to your organization – understanding your vision, objectives, and obstacles for generating brand awareness, gaining donors, fans, and advocates, and work to create solutions that spells success to you.

Want to Work with a Creative Professional Who “Gets” You?


Kristin always surprises me with her willingness to dig deep into the strategy and her creative vision. The result is a thoughtful integrated design that brings clarity beyond the design.

— MP McNeil, MP & G Marketing


In starting my practice, I knew we needed a creative for our team and Kristin joined us! What a find she was. Kristin really stretched to develop a visually pleasing, strong, client-centered brand and website that receives rave reviews from spheres of influence, referral sources, clients, and other colleagues.

I strongly recommend working with Kristin for design, branding, and web design. She provides outstanding results and is a delight to work with.

— C.E., Chartered Financial Consultant, Founder of EvenChecks & Balances, LLC