Why work with me?

For starters, I’m not a graphic designer who just makes things “look pretty.”
I’m a graphic designer + artist who thinks.

My clients tell me I’m different from other designers, that I’m a graphic designer who thinks, has a intuitive, artistic touch and one who “genuinely gets” them.

5 reasons to work with me

REASON ONE:  I have agency experience but I don’t function like an agency. My team is a virtual blend of professionals I have worked with for years. Together, we are nimble and responsive with desired skillsets that complement each other. Agencies tend to have high turnover in account management and design. Project handovers can be awkward. When you work with Grand Ciel Design, you’ll always know who is working on your project and have access to my team members.

REASON TWO: I want to know and understand your business from a commercial standpoint before any creative work begins. This is crucial. Understanding what drives your business, what your business goals are ensures your project at hand is successful. It ensures that concepts and major brand-driven projects are in alignment with your business and head in the right direction from the get-go.

REASON THREE: Follow through. Projects must be delivered end to end. Clients can get burnt at the production stage. Not here. We want your printed piece, your web landing page, your email campaign, your (you fill in the blank) arrive perfectly without a hitch or a hiccup.

REASON FOUR: Hate waiting nervously for the big reveal? It’s true. Most, if not all creatives love to go behind their respective curtains and whip up dazzling ideas and deliver their concepts with a big bright shiny bow. However, that’s not terribly collaborative now is it? And without your feedback early on, a whole lotta design work could potential miss the mark.

How can we come to a happy compromise?

By asking for your feedback first – particularly on the following:
• Key messaging as it relates to your project, brand and business
• Concept ideas spelled out first before design begins
• Mood Boards. This is very useful tool to show you early on the tone, mood, color, typography and textures that will drive the design phase. Mood boards help ensure we are on the same page for your brand and with your audience.

REASON FIVE: Will my project get “shower time?” Yes! And teeth brushing time, driving the car time, laundry time and so on. I learned early on is that great ideas and solutions to problems don’t come sitting in front of a screen. When I work on client projects, there isn’t an “off switch.” I’m continually thinking about ideas and solutions for your project, even as I push a cart down a grocery aisle.

Want More Reasons to Work With Me?

Here’s what clients tell me:

I’m perceptive and intuitive in understanding them and their needs. They love that I create a branded image and story that truly reflects who they are and what their business is about.

I do the research about their organization, their audiences, their competition and for their project. There is no better way to bring authenticity to design and success to a project than through, thoughtful research.

I do what I say. Clients get prompt answers to their e-mails, a live person on the phone and if I’m in a meeting, I’ll return client calls as soon as possible. I deliver what I say I’ll deliver within the time frame agreed upon or by specified deadlines.

I look at things from several vantage points. Projects come with different phases and lots of details. It’s important to stay focused on the objectives, but pay attention to the nuances that can take a project from good to WOW.

I care about giving clients the best. Being a creative professional means I care about the end results as much as clients do. Graphic designers hate shoddy work and I’m no exception.

I take a holistic approach to a client’s organization – taking the time to understand a client’s vision, objectives, and obstacles for generating brand awareness, gaining donors and advocates, and work to create solutions that spells success for them.

Wow, Kristin. That’s a whole lotta reasons to work with you.

What’s the next step? Getting to know you, your needs and wants better.