When people are confronted with daunting problems like climate change, water pollution, and the demise of bee populations, they think to themselves “What can I do as an individual that will make any difference?” As it turns out, it’s more than people think.

For the great people at Blue Thumb, it‘s about motivating others to Pledge to Plant for Clean Water® but it’s this very mission that addresses both climate change and troubled bee (and other pollinators) populations. Daunting issues are rarely isolated but interconnected — that’s why they seem so daunting!

What Blue Thumb is working towards is building an understanding that people do have the ability to make a difference starting with their own yard. By creating a yard that is resilient to climate change, the results can be aesthetically beautiful, at the same time be actively filtering dirty water runoff, feeding bees, and other pollinators, cleaning the air, saving time and money plus other delightful benefits.

To be truly resilient means embracing change. Changing attitudes about what a yard is supposed to look like is a start. Make a visit to Blue Thumb’s State Fair Exhibit and you may never look at your turf the same way again.

Shown below are “Resilient Yards” a Blue Thumb Minnesota State Fair exhibit large scale sign series art directed and designed by Grand Ciel Design Co. in creative partnership with MP&G Marketing Solutions. By using design and strategy, we’re doing our part partnering with Blue Thumb to help clearly illustrate the possibilities and solutions to daunting problems in creative and memorable ways.

RESILIENT YARDS SIGN SERIES: Large 4 x 6-foot print banner askes Minnesota State Fair goers
“What will you do with your one wild and precious yard” which opens up ideas on how creating a resilient yard
benefits both the homeowner but the environment as well. Part of Blue Thumb’s Eco exhibit.What Will You Do With YOur One Wild and Precious Yard? Blue Thumb State Fair 4x6 BannerRESILIENT YARDS SIGN SERIES: 24” x 48” print banner askes Minnesota State Fair goers a
“Did You Know” question about how introducing diversity (native plants and alternative turf) to one’s yard creates a
beneficial micro-climate and results in a resilient yard better suited for climate change.
Create Your Own Resilient Yard Blue Thumb State Fair BannerRESILIENT YARDS SIGN SERIES: Each sign (18.75” x 22.5”) outlines key benefits to making one’s yard resilient,
part of Blue Thumb’s Eco exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair.

rainwater runoff number one threat to clean water carries pollution into waterways

shade trees cool landscape clean air provide habitat prevent erosion reduce runoff

view of native plants let rain water runoff soak in filter before hitting waterways

low maintenance lawn means less mowing less water less fertilizer saves time and money

create friendly micro-climate yard

planting resilient yards grow veggies flowers feed bees help endangered rusty patch bumblebees monarchs make a difference

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