Dream Big. Act Big. Inspire Others.

This is The Mars Generation.

Creative Direction, Design, Print, Social Media and Web Design

When the founding directors came to me to for creative services for their budding new non-profit, The Mars Generation, we knew their branding should be “out of this world” stellar to build an audience, membership, donations, and finance their programs, including Space Camp Scholarships for high achieving students of low-income families. Since The Mars Generation’s start in 2015, Grand Ciel Design has provided a strong, consistent visual branded feel that carries The Mars Generation’s personality, spirit, and mantra of “Dream Big. Act Big. Inspire Others.” that contributes to The Mars Generation success in reaching their milestone goals along the way.

The Mars Generation Logo. In developing their new identity, The Mars Generation had to be simple to successfully translate over all possible media but more importantly appeal to a broad audience, from students and teachers to professionals and the space community plus corporate sponsors – all on a global scale. Because The Mars Generation is an up-and-coming generation, the planet Mars rising symbolically reinforces their declaration.

The Mars Generation Website. A clean, clear but robust website is the informational portal for the organization. It also takes online donations and has an e-commerce store with The Mars Generation merchandise as an on-going revenue stream of support.

Call to Actions. One of many Call to Action banner images we have created for The Mars Generation during fundraising events.

The Potato Challenge. Shown on top is The Mars Generation’s Facebook timeline image for the Potato Challenge followed by a series of teaser social media post images and messages to generate excitement and engagement for The Mars Generation’s upcoming Potato Challenge.

The Potato Challenge inspired by the hit movie “The Martian,” was one of the first successful fundraiser campaigns for The Mars Generation held during Minnesota’s annual Give to the Max Day. Participant teams were rationed to set a number of potatoes and water for a set amount of time. As donations reached certain levels, participants were allowed a potato, then salt, then ketchup to add to their potato, then another potato until donation goals was raised. People shared their Potato Challenge experience on social media. Naturally, awful taste in Disco music played a part, too. All funds raised during the Potato Challenge went to The Mars Generation scholarship fund to send disadvantaged kids to Space Camp USA.

Train Like A Martian. Inspired by NASA’s Train Like an Astronaut program, this poster was designed to promote The Mars Generation’s healthy balanced lifestyle worldwide online campaign for students, schools, sports teams and community organizations.

Train Like A Martian “Constellation Program” Sponsor Sheet. To encourage sponsorships and to help raise matching funds from sponsors for the “Train Like A Martian” event, a fun, engaging constellation planetary design explains the who, what and why of the program as well as the benefits of sponsorship.

24 Under 24 Leaders & Innovator Awards. One of the latest programs The Mars Generation has crafted to instill the importance of STEM/STEAM, recognize the achievements of young leaders and innovators as well as inspire an up-and-coming generation of talented students. Shown are designs used to announce The Mars Generation’s new program via social media.

24 Under 24 Leaders & Innovator Awards Certificate. Each winner receives a signed certificate of recognition as well as a custom designed photo announcement using their photo of choice, name, and title for sharing on social media.

The Mars Generation Gifts, SWAG & Store. During its fundraising campaigns, The Mars Generation awards special offers along the way to keep their name alive and visible. This keychain is just one example of gift items sent out to donors. It shows just how versatile The Mars Generation logo has been. See the goodies you can purchase to support The Mars Generation’s mission here.


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Founded in 2015, The Mars Generation’s mission is to energize young people, students, and adults about human space exploration and STEM/STEAM education and foster an understanding of the importance of these two elements to the future of humankind on Earth.

Through its programs and global community outreach, The Mars Generation’s goal is to advance public interest in human space exploration and advocate for NASA’s journey to Mars. The Mars Generation serves as a catalyst to identify students with an interest and aptitude in these areas and nurture their study in STEM/STEAM education, through their Space Camp scholarship program and 24 Under 24 Leaders in Innovation and Space Awards.

Visit Site: The Mars Generation to learn more.

For Train Like a Martian Challenge fundraising event. ($10,000 raise)

Thank you to Kristin Peterson who continues to help The Mars Generation with graphic design and messaging – Kristin is always stepping in to make us look good and this event was no different – she created our sponsorship materials that helped us to secure the sponsors for the matching grant. Thank you, Kristin, for being with us from Day 1 and seriously making us shine every day!

 ~ Abigail Harrison (a.k.a Astronaut Abby), Founder
The Mars Generation

The value of great design cannot be understated when it comes to any organization finding success and The Mars Generation is a great example of great design creating great success. We launched this grassroots volunteer-driven nonprofit 3 years ago and our success has been incredible. As an online organization that leverages social media daily to reach our mission and also fundraisers for the organization, the design has been imperative.

Kristin’s experience shines brightly in everything we do. From an amazing website to event sponsor sheets, images for online use, business cards, t-shirt design and more! Working with Kristin has been a pleasure, she gets the concepts we want translated in the design on the first round and always delivers amazing work. She makes our work so much easier as her work is always spot on! It’s impossible for me to express how invaluable Kristin is to our team.

There is absolutely no way we would be 3 years old with major space industry sponsors and over 1500 members and donors as well as an audience of over 1 million people without Kristin’s amazing design work. Kristin also puts her heart and soul into every single project. She is just so engaged! Any organization that wants to grow their organization should definitely hire Kristin to help create and grow their brand purpose.

 ~ Nicole Harrison, Executive Director,
The Mars Generation