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Art Direction, Branding, Website Design, Print Design

Shen Men Healing Arts Ginko Leaves


My work with Shen Men Healing Arts’ founder and practitioner began by designing her first website for her practice back in 2008.

For Shen Men’s website re-fresh, I kept key branding elements — the bright gingko leaves had become a signature image both online and in print, the soft blue-purple color palette and the “Be well, naturally” tagline+lotus flower artwork. Content for the website was audited and simplified, streamlining the website overall organization to improve users’ experience.

In designing the site, we focused on Shen Men Healing Arts as “sole practitioner,” what she offers her patients and how she wants people to feel when they visit the website and her practice. Emphasis was on establishing a look and feel that’s inviting and nurturing, avoiding the cliché imagery often associated with alternative therapies and clinics. Using large banner photos+messaging that aligns with the Shen Men brand makes each page warm and welcoming.

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Shen Men Healing Arts website design view on iMac
Shen Men Healing Arts website design screen shots
Shen Men Healing Arts branded print materials

Examples of branded print materials we created for Shen Men Healing Arts. Shown above is one in a series of four Shen Men Healing Service Cards outlining what each program or service entails and its benefits. Backside provides an overview about Shen Men, its practitioners and contact information. To add a textual element, both the Shen Men health service and business cards were printed on Classic® Laid Cover Solar White 100C.

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Website Design
Healing Services Cards
Business Cards
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Children’s Summer Program

I had the good fortune of working with Kristin in both marketing materials and website for my business. Kristin was great! She designed an aesthetically pleasing, intuitive, very functional, and effective brochure, service sheets and website.

What I like best about working with her is her pleasant nature, listen to what I wanted, and most importantly her ability to work with my cavewoman computer skills/knowledge with humor and respect. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

— C.S., LAc, MA Ed, Shen Men Healing Arts


Shen Men Healing Arts’ philosophy is we are much more than just a physical body, we reflect and interact with the world both within and outside our physical form. Understanding of healing is deepened the more we penetrate this knowledge. The practice of medicine is an art — at the heart of this endeavor is the connection between the client and the practitioner.

Shen Men Healing Arts offers a range of therapies to help individuals and families formulate a healthy program designed to work naturally with the mind, body and spirit.