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NPTalk logo design


NPtalk’s founder wanted to create a strong brand personality fitting for its weekly Twitter chat for non-profit professionals that reached around the world. The Plan: To develop what grew so successfully online into face-to-face forums for local non-profit professionals.

Concept: Take the letters N and P and give them the bold, authoritative feel of a news broadcasting network, paired with the energetic lettering for “talk” — a combination that matches the personality of the online community and dialogue. Because NPtalk originated on Twitter, I used a similar “tweeted blue” into the logo design.

NPtalk promotional badge line designs

ABOVE: NPtalk Promotional Informational Badge Series. BELOW: NPtalk Promotional Personality Bookmark.

NPtalk promotional branded bookmark design

NOTE: NPTalk had a very healthy two-year run with its online and offline forums. Due to the founder moving onto new ventures, (building her social media marketing business and spearheading the non-profit The Mars Generation), NPTalk no longer maintains its blog and website. The hashtag #nptalk remains alive and well on Twitter.

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I love the brand look Kristin created for NPtalk, the messaging she thought up and the details she designed to promote our growing non-profit community.

Having a visual identity beyond the name makes it feel alive. We can now have our conversations online and in real life.

— Nicole Harrison, Founder of NPtalk