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Metro Blooms / Blue Thumb Resilient Yards Workshops

Creative Direction, Video Production, Print and Web Design

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Metro Blooms and Blue Thumb’s joint-mission is to protect our waterways from dirty stormwater runoff that comes from urban infrastructure. As part of its community educational programs, their Resilient Yards Workshops could not be more timely. Creating a “resilient yard” means preparing it for climate change, designing it to capture and filter dirty water runoff and provide food and habitat for pollinators and wildlife. Metro Blooms and Blue Thumb wanted an effective strategic way to “get the word out” and maximize attendance to their workshops being held across the Twin Cities metro area.

ABOVE: Creating an effective way to “spread the word” about Metro Bloom’s and Blue Thumb’s Resilient Yards Workshops was in designing message-driven video clips mixed with beautiful imagery. We set our video clips in a square format designed for better mobile viewing, sharing, and engagement on social media, specifically Facebook and Instagram.

ABOVE: Our second 33-second video short promoting Metro Blooms/Blue Thumb’s Resilient Yards Workshops. This version uses different imagery but reinforces key messages about the importance of resilient yards, raingardens, reducing the heat island effect, protecting our waterways from dirty water runoff, and providing a food source for pollinators.

ABOVE: A longer (57-second) video clip was created first and became the starting base to test out visuals and key messages. This was then pared down for the two 30-second video shorts shown above. The longer video clip is posted for viewing on the Blue Thumb’s homepage.

ABOVE: Rounding out the Metro Blooms/Blue Thumb’s Resilient Yards workshop campaign, we created a traditional flyer to target local area neighborhoods and business communities with key benefits people would experience by creating a resilient yard, i.e “What’s in it for me?” messages that motivate and inspires. The flyer template could easily be updated for each city’s workshop location, dates and times.

BELOW: A sampling of our social memes series designed for Facebook, flexible to be set as boosted posts or ads and a means to measure audience engagement around resilient yards and workshop enrollment. Each meme carries a key benefit for planting a resilient yard (such as low-mow grasses means less mowing, less lawn care), others are designed to motivate audiences to learn more and attend a Resilient Yards Workshop.

Fescue to the Rescue
Pledge to Plant a Resilient Yard. Dig?
American Gothic - We pledge to plant a resilient yard.

This project was in creative collaboration with MP+G Marketing Solutions who provided the communications plan and strategy, key messages and client management. Grand Ciel Design provided art direction, concepts, design, print and video production, project management intermixed with enthusiasm and passion.

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Print Flyer Design
Video Shorts
Social Media Memes

Blue Thumb—Planting for Clean Water® is a public/private partnership that promotes native plants, raingardens, and shoreline stabilization projects to reduce runoff and improve water quality.

Partners include local governmental units (watershed districts, conservation districts, cities, and counties), non-profit organizations, and private companies such as nurseries, landscape design and build companies and other companies that are working toward Blue Thumb goals.

Blue Thumb is operated and managed by Metro Blooms through a license agreement with the Rice Creek Watershed District.

Metro Blooms’ mission is to promote and celebrate gardening, to beautify our communities and help heal and protect our environment.

Visit Site: Blue Thumb and Metro Blooms to learn more.