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Dr. Katy Heilman had just left an established clinic to launch her own chiropractic practice. Because she was overwhelmed with marketing and branding details, I was brought in to create an online presence for Dr. Katy’s practice. Chiropractic offices are high in concentration around her location, so it was especially important to show her point of difference, her location, and her genuine love for her patients and their well-being.

She had already arrived at a name and a logo mark for her practice. Her logo consists of child-like “stick figures” to represent phases of life and activity. Rather than suggesting re-doing her logo, I took it as a challenge and ran with it. Taking expressions Dr. Katy often tells her patients, I created “Healthy Expression” banners using each of the stick figures from her logo as “a Health Mascot” to use on each page of her website and to tie in with her brand identity.

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Lifespan Chiropractic Clinic website design

Dr. Katy wanted her website to reflect the warm, earthy color scheme she had carefully chosen for her new office. She provided the brand and color names used for her office decor, so I could find matching swatches online to incorporate into the website design. The site itself reflects Dr. Katy’s warm personality and is designed to be super simple and easy to use.

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Dr. Katy Heilman, D.C. received her degrees of B.S. and D.C. at Northwestern Health Sciences University and has been freeing people from subluxation and improving the health and wellness of her patients since 1996. As a highly experienced doctor of chiropractic, she is committed to improving the health and wellness of all who seek care. She uses a “whole person approach” when taking care of her patients. By using a hands-on-technique, Dr. Katy is able to help accelerate and maintain a journey to good health.