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The Prouty i•Will Product Launch

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The Prouty Project was ready to launch a new product offering “Prouty i•Will” (“igniting women in leadership and life”). This is not your typical retreat, coaching sessions, C-suite seminar, luncheon or conference. Prouty i•Will is designed to be a total immersion, transformative leadership experience which promises to stretch women participants into new directions, for growth and for finding their true purpose.

Prouty i•Will Igniting Women in Leadership + Life

To effectively attract the ideal candidates for their new product, The Prouty Project needed a “fresh and unexpected” look and feel and one that bears no resemblance to the countless women’s leadership programs and conferences out there. I had heard so many events promising to “ignite women” that it rings cliché. My research concluded that the visuals used for “ignite women” were equally cliché. Women on fire, women holding flames, women with flowing “stuff” coming out of the back of their heads. Not exactly the imagery I wanted to uphold.

After the research, a mood board was created prior to developing logo concepts which resulted in a winning color palette that would be incorporated into the logo mark and promotional pieces. Three distinct logo concepts were presented. Shown above is the logo that won the hearts of the Prouty i•Will team. Not only is it fresh and unexpected, but it also conveys a pathway, that of a journey of growing/stretching experiences entail. Nor is it overty feminine by design. This is about empowerment and leadership.

Because Prouty i•Will is a product developed by The Prouty Project, the typeface chosen for the logo mark is from a font family currently employed under The Prouty Project brand. This was done to ensure a visual cohesive look and feel plus ensure a brand connection.

Prouty i•Will Flyers
Prouty i•Will Flyer Backside

Flyers promoting Prouty i•Will, outlining the program and its benefits to participants and employers. Front side images were carefully chosen to visually represent the nature of the program but also to be inclusive.

Prouty i•Will Brochure
Prouty i•Will Brochure Gate Fold Inside

Inside view of the Prouty i•Will gate fold brochure using custom on-location photography as part of its design. The brochure is an extension to the flyers to include program details, benefits, and background stories of the women who would be conducting the Prouty i•Will experience.

The goal was to reach and enroll twenty women leaders and emerging leaders. Through promotional efforts — flyers, brochure, and email blasts — The Prouty i•Will launch is a success. Overall, the program is going very, very well and the client is quite pleased with the creative that helped make their objectives possible.

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The marketing pieces you developed for our inaugural launch of Prouty i•Will really resonate with our target audience in a visually captivating way. The one-pagers and brochure spoke to the hearts of potential participants we were hoping to reach, and the logo you created uniquely and distinctively sets us apart in the marketplace. Your knowledge, creativity and flexibility were invaluable as we debuted Prouty i•Will in record time! Well done!”

Adrienne Jordan
Senior Consultant,
The Prouty Project

The Prouty Project is a boutique management consulting firm specializing in strategic planning and leadership development. Its mission is to creatively stretch leaders to achieve bigger goals, bolder strategies, and better collaboration.

Their mantra “A mind stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions” (Oliver Wendell Holmes) drives The Prouty Project’s philosophy and unique approach to its offerings.

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