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Rebranding Xtreme Exteriors, Inc. N.A.

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Home Exteriors branding


The home exteriors industry is extremely competitive and fraught with “fly-by-night” operations. Xtreme Exteriors, Inc., N.A. wanted to stand out from the “me-too-contractors” by creating a message of trust, experience and dependability, as well as show their point of difference to their target markets.

Ours is a long-term client relationship. Starting with a website overhaul and new identity, we’ve kept Xtreme Exteriors’ brand, online and off, consistently clear and a stand-out from the competition. The on-going objective is to position Xtreme Exteriors as “established” with a dedication to excellence in home exteriors craftsmanship. Part of this strategy is positioning my client as “educator” by promoting their live home exteriors educational presentations and seminars. By showing how a home should properly function, my client can build a relationship of trust and credibility with their customers.

home exteriors contractor website design

WEBSITE: We’ve come along way from that first HTML website! Today, Xtreme Exteriors has a new WordPress site (launched 2.25.16). It’s been the perfect opportunity to audit existing content and strip away areas of the website that were no longer useful. We’ve re-organized, re-structured and updated website content, streamlined the online estimate process, provided CTAs on every page and made improvements to better engage with customers. View Site: Xtreme Exteriors, Inc. N.A.

home exteriors contractor brochure design

COMPANY BROCHURE: A hand-out at customer meetings, trade shows and sponsored events, I created an eye-catching flip styled capabilities brochure to set our client apart from the competition. Not your tired tri-fold, but an engaging piece that effectively speaks “dependability and craftsmanship” to each of Xtreme Exteriors’ target markets — homeowners, remodelers, builders, property managers and HOAs board members.

home exteriors contractor print ad design

PRINT ADVERTISING:  Branding and messaging are seamless with print ads adapting the look and feel of the website. The strategy of setting my client apart from the competition meant taking the risk by not showing literal images of home exteriors. Instead and over time, I’ve elected to select imagery and messaging to build emotional touches with Xtreme Exteriors’ target markets.

home exteriors contractor print ad design

PRINT ADVERTISING: Knowing that home contractors are viewed with “certain speculation,” together we wanted to create a brand image as trustworthy, dependable, experienced and as an established family-owned business. This strategy created an opportunity to build a true personality for my client, one of modesty, humor with dependable expertise customers can count on.

Midsummer Mangers’ Merriment

SOCIAL EVENT PROMOTION:  Face time in a relaxed casual afterwork setting is perfect for my client to engage with their property management customers. My concept was to be as light hearted as a summer’s eve and thus “The First Annual Managers’ Merriment” was born. Taking the approach that managers are the “unsung hero of housing” and they deserve a break and praise made this invitation a hit and win for my client. Event was promoted both through an e-mail campaign and Eventbrite registration.

xtreme exteriors logo

BRAND IDENTITY: When Xtreme Exteriors started their business over 20 years ago, they chose their name to represent home exteriors solutions that would withstand Midwest seasonal weather conditions year after year. My concept was to create a fresh look that reflects this, but with a warm, inviting feel that says “Reliable Experts.” They wanted to move away from the “enlarged X race car” logo design they previously held — it lacked a professional feel and had that “fly-by-night operations impression they wanted to avoid. I also designed their company name to do double duty to stand as their “signature mark” (as shown in the capabilities brochure above) to allow greater flexibility across marketing channels.

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Kristin has helped us in so many ways. She has truly become an extension of our business, understanding our needs.

When we were looking to update and change our marketing direction, Kristin created a fresh new approach we were looking for — we can’t say enough and highly recommend her!

— Jeannie Sigler, Co-Owner of Xtreme Exteriors

Kudos for Powerpoint Presentation Design:

We had another large meeting with a homeowners association board. The entire group praised our presentation in how thoughtful, thorough and professional our material was. After the meeting, several board members came up to us to express how thrilled they were to find us and how our presentation made them feel really comfortable with their decision to work with us (compared to our competitors). The time you have devoted to creating our presentations is really paying off!

— Jeannie Sigler, Co-Owner of Xtreme Exteriors

Much like a home, Xtreme Exteriors built their company from the ground up, with a solid foundation that continues to stand the test of time. Jeff and Jeannie Sigler are couple, partners and owners of Xtreme Exteriors. Jeff began this company more than 20 years ago. His experience and knowledge of construction, a passion for home design and environmental building best practices are the backbone of Xtreme Exteriors. Jeannie has a strong background in marketing and sales.

While their product and service offerings continue to grow, their commitment to providing customers with the utmost in professionalism and dependability remains the same. Xtreme Exteriors is not just a company — it’s a livelihood, and it stands on the relationships Jeff and Jeannie have built with their customers.