Turn The Beat Around

Annual Fundraising Event

Art Direction, Branding, Web Design, Print Design

disco theme invitation fundraising event

’70s Disco Themed Invitation front cover design for the Madison Clair Foundation annual fundraiser.

PROJECT DETAILS: This annual fundraiser has a beat, a Disco beat. From a design perspective, it meant researching the times. (I grew up during the ’70s at the height of Disco’s popularity, but culturally, I didn’t recall many details surrounding the music craze.)

First on my list, create an “official theme” to promote the fundraiser. Most all Disco song lyrics have sexual undertones, so a “squeaky clean” hit was needed to work for the Madison Claire Foundation fundraiser and its brand. (One of the foundation’s core missions is to build a universal accessible playground for children in Woodbury, MN). Landing on “Turn The Beat Around” by Vicki Sue Robinson (1976) met the board’s approval and we were off to the dance floor.

I then researched the ’70s Disco era color combinations, fashion, and slang to write the invitation copy. Searching out the decade’s vinyl record albums and poster designs lead to picking the typography that would give the gala invitation that authentic ’70s look and feel. Taking inspiration from history and NYC’s Studio 57, where many Disco artists performed, I designed the invitation to work as a mini-poster/flyer, like those designed handed out on the street promote nightly acts held at the famous nightclub. This fundraiser gala was being held at the Fine Line Music Cafe in downtown Minneapolis, a famous nightclub in its own right.

inside view disco invitation fundraising event

ABOVE: The fundraiser invite opens up to reveal more of chosen theme lyrics which then opens up into a mini-poster with event details using slang from that decade.

Disco Dance Save the Date postcard design

To keep mailing costs within budget (the invitation, plus RSVP card need to send with one first class stamp), 
I chose a line of text weight paper for the invitation. The invitation was a barrel-fold that opened to reveal the theme with energetic colors and graphics and on the reverse side working as a “mini-poster” with event details. Once folded, the invitation and RSVP card (shown below) fit into the bright magenta open-ended No. 10 envelope.

disco dance fundraiser rsvp two-sided card design
Foundation disco inspiried invitation mini-poster for fundraising event

ABOVE: Disco themed “Save The Date” 5 x 7 postcard.

disco dance fundraiser e-blast design

ABOVE: Disco theme graphic for the Madison Clair Foundation website registration page and event e-mail blasts.

disco dance fundraiser gala Facebook sweepstakes gate page design

ABOVE: Facebook Fan Gate Page for Disco Gala Fundraiser Sweepstakes. BELOW: Eventbee Ticket Page Banner for Disco Gala Fundraiser and Facebook timeline cover design promoting the event.

disco dance fundraiser gala Eventbee web banner and Facebook event timeline design

Event Branding
Messaging + Copy
Gala Invitation
Event Mini-Poster
Save the Date Postcard
Event Web Badges
Website Event Page
E-mail Blasts
Facebook Timeline Event Image
Facebook Event Sweepstakes
Eventbee Ticket Page Banner

Project Coordination
with SocialNicole, LLC

Disco Gala Event raised $44,000

TJ Associates Printing

You always do such a fabulous job, we love you!!! The Event Bee registration page looks fantastic and we have the coolest invites in town!”

— Dana Millington, President, Madison Claire Foundation


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