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There’s a lot more to home organizing than putting possessions in their proper place. Clients can have issues with attention deficit disorder or simply can’t bear to throw anything out from their children’s lives. It takes a gentle, understanding approach for organizing to take place. My approach was to create a look that was inviting, practical, yet fun, with the spirit that when “everything is in its place,” it can be tremendously freeing, allowing Clean Sweep Organizing clients to be more efficient and productive in their lives.

Note: Since my client’s business has expanded to include home staging for sale and auctions, we have elected to drop the word “Home” from her business name to reflect her broader service offerings.

Clean Sweep Organizing logo design

Clean Sweep Home Organizing had been in business for over ten years and with growing competition in the home organizing field, my client felt pressure to have an actual “face” for her business. I was brought on board to help her discover “what that should look like,” allow her to stand apart from the competition and be recognized for her nurturing, caring style with clients and the variety of services she provides.

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Clean Sweep Organizing website design

Our client had a need for an online presence, but not a full-blown website. Our solution was to create a simple one-page micro-site that quickly tells about Clean Sweep Organizing’s service offerings, pricing, client testimonial, credentials and contact information. UPDATE: Clean Sweep Organizing has been outfitted with a new WordPress website that’s responsive (a must for all websites) with plans to add a portfolio of Before and After organizing projects to show prospective clients.

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Clean Sweep Organizing holiday card design

It’s always fun to see what you can do with a client’s brand during the holidays. We found Clean Sweep Organizing’s logo a delight to work with for just this occasion. It was a clever way to say thank you and send holiday cheer to clients — and a way to make her business be memorable, too.

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Website Design

Having a web presence has changed my business so much and for the better! Just a single page makes it easy for clients to make the decision to call me. I’m so happy with the results!

— Jeannie Holmes, Clean Sweep Home Organizing

Jeannie Holmes has been a professional organizer since 2000 and a member and past vice president of NAPO MN (National Association of Professional Organizers). She has a deep understanding, compassion and many years of experience working with clients living with ADD, learning disabilities and emotional issues. Jeannie also specializes in staging homes in preparation for real estate and auction sales.