Funny Things Happen in REM.

What DO designers dream about besides the latest computer upgrade, new studio digs and high exposure projects? It’s all that and more, but typically not “product lines” with me. (I do dream up design ideas to try out in waking hours — an occupational hazard — especially when I’m super excited about a project — my mind won’t shut up.) The other night had me dreaming about creating simple, I mean really simple, tee shirt designs that would work for designers and printers and another that speaks for web designers. Following morning, I followed up. What’s shown are “prototypes.” The tee shirt backs would have the designers’ or printers’ business name + URL. No logo or other graphics. KISS(es) people. It’s always the best direction to go.

Process This T-Shirt Design


PROCESS THIS. Tee shirt design for designers and printers.


Hex That T-Shirt Design


HEX THAT. Tee shirt design for web designers.

What do you think — brilliant or what? Or just too plain jane? Tell us your about your tee shirt tastes in the comments.

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