I’m a huge advocate for a good solid well-rounded education. It’s the launching pad for anything anyone wants to pursue in life. Which brings me to my pet side project.

For the last couple of years, I’ve been helping shape a brand image around Abigail Harrison, a.k.a. Astronaut Abby to give her a visual platform to build awareness for her dream of being the first astronaut to land on Mars.


But Abby’s more than that. She has a genuine passion for getting kids of all ages interested and excited about all things STEM. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). This would be especially true for young girls. For generations, young girls (and women) have been unsupported in the class room when it comes to these subjects and often “bullied out” of professions that require a STEM education. Abby is a young woman of our future, helping to break down those barriers and prejudices for young girls (and boys) to pursue their own dreams.

And that’s what Abby does. She inspires others, no matter what their age or where they are in their lives, to DREAM BIG. Abby lives the example. It’s A LOT OF WORK pursuing any dream. There are rewards along the way and some disappoints and failures, too. Abby blogs about all this and her adventures via her blogs, her class room chats and outreach programs.

Embroidered Astronaut Abby-Logo MockUp

Preview of Mars Or Bust 2030 logo embroidered on a polo shirt.

Abby knows she can’t do it all by herself and is incredibly grateful to her on-going supporters. The latest project for Astronaut Abby has been a logo design around her mantra “Mars Or Bust 2030” with its underlining theme of dreaming big. The logo is being used on t-shirts and in a coffee label design — gifts to say a BIG THANK YOU to her “Ground Crew.”

UP Coffee One

Mars Or Bust 2030 labels I designed for a special blend of coffee crafted by UP Coffee Roasters.

UP Coffee Two

How’s that for getting you going?

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