There is ambition. And then there’s passion. Ambition can ultimately lead to greed and self destruction, where as passion, through experience and observation, leads to selflessness, a willing and desire to take an idea, a dream and make it accessible and beneficial to everyone.

I have a confession to make. I have never really been especially interested in space exploration. I would be someone The Mars Generation would want to convert and they are doing a very good job of it. Its founder, Abigail Harrison, a.k.a. Astronaut Abby’s passion for space exploration, STEM based education and inspiring others to follow their dreams is quite undoubtedly contagious. (One only need check out her social media following to understand how much her message resonates).

The Mars Generation New Non-profit Logo

Our logo mark design for the new non-profit, The Mars Generation.

The big question on a lot of people’s minds is “why devote billions of dollars and human lives to go into space when we have so many problems to solve on earth?” I counter with this question: “How many peaceful cooperative, coordinated endeavors do you know of that the world’s countries can all agree on, successfully learn and participate in?” There’s only one I can think of is — space exploration.

The world is forever on a cycle of war, civil strifes, economic downfalls and promoting fear and loathing towards real or manufactured enemies. That’s a whole lot of negative energy for people to deal with and it takes a serious toll. What we need is a serious focus on the positive. Looking at what space exploration can do for human kind, we’re just scratching the surface. We’ve already proven its economic impact. For every dollar we spend on our own space program, the U.S. economy receives about 8 dollars in return, in corporate and income taxes and earnings from spin-off technology.


Our interface design for The Mars Generation website.

On a social level, humans need something to give them hope for a better world, especially the younger generations. I want that hope, too. It’s why I continue to support Astronaut Abby and The Mars Generation in the ways I can — through branding and design. While these live in the background, I see it time and time again. When good branding and design are at the foundation, any organization can reach for the stars.

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