We all have our share of reading we do for our business — books, articles, and posts to keep us up to date with the latest news and industry trends. But come summer, we want something lighter, a delicious, decadent good story to get lost inside as we dig our toes into the theoretical sandy beach, (literally, if your lucky).

To celebrate one’s “Summer Reading List” (and to keep pages from getting dog-eared during dog days), I worked up a little side project: crafting a series of custom bookmark incorporating my own artwork because, well, I’m the art director *wink*), combined with a collection of quotes “ripped” from the classics. (I gave a double billing to Charles. Given our current economic climate and income disparity, Dickens is more relevant than ever!)

Grand Ciel Bookmark Design Set 1


Yes, it’s an oxymoron mixing breezy summer novels with heavy literary classics. True confession: I have not read a single one of these titles, but there are lines from each that are thoughtful gems worth noting even if the bulk of the text may have had you dosing through English Lit. Class.

Grand Ciel Bookmark Designs Set 2


While I may not be the best read person on the planet, I love books, reading books and especially the art of book cover design. This was underlining design thinking for the project — tricky combining the right piece of artwork and typography to go with each book title and quote. Just as challenging combining the right artwork, typography and design for book covers to make it stand out from the rest.

Grand Ciel Bookmark Design Set 3


I’ve posted the bookmarks as PDFs, you’re welcome to download, print, trim and use with your own summer reading list. Recommend using professional photo matte paper that’s double-sided and heavyweight. You can find this at any Office Max or Office Depot. You’re sure to find print uses beyond bookmarks, the paper is just that lovely.

The PDF includes crop marks, so you’ll know where to trim. Take a ruler or straight edge, align it with the crop marks and using a sharp x-acto knife cut out the bookmarks. If you don’t have an x-acto knife, try lightly drawing a pencil border using the crop marks as a guide. Then take sharp scissors and cut along the drawn lines.


Post Script: Looking to define your brand’s unique story? Help is just a web page away.

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