What’s It Like Working With Me?


What to expect when we work together.

First, We Talk. At best, this should be a face-to-face meeting, or over the phone, (depending on time zones and our locations), whatever works best for you. You tell me about your vision and your organization, the problems you’re wanting to solve and the outcomes you’d like to achieve. (NDAs can be provided ensuring you our conversations remain confidential). I’ll actively listen, ask good questions and take copious notes. We’ll look at what has worked in the past and what hasn’t. We’ll discuss the parameters of your project.

Next, I provide an estimate that clearly defines your project’s scope, time frame, and cost. If you accept, we do a little paperwork (contract signed and deposit made). Then:

Discovery. The discovery phase digs deep into what needs to happen and clarify the vision for your project. This might involve a questionnaire I provide to interviewing key people within your organization to audience surveys.

Creative Brief. I draft a creative brief, an important short living document based on the information I’ve gathered and to keep us both accountable, clearly focused on objectives and to ensure the success of your project. Along with the creative brief, I provide an outline of recommendations and project timeline.

Work Begins. Once the creative brief is approved, I research, brainstorm, sketch and design to both the creative brief and project scope.

Work Continues. I present the work along with rationales for the design direction I’m taking and how they meet your objectives. We review the work together and revise as necessary, based my recommendations and your feedback.

You Love It. Final, approved project piece(s) are produced. Depending on your project, I will build a team of marketing strategists, photographers, video producers, editors, web developers, and printers to ensure seamless production and/or implementation.

Delivery. I make certain that your final deliverables as defined in the project scope are produced and launched on time.

Delighted. You join my roster of happy clients.

“Kristin provided detail rationales explaining color and font choice, graphic symbolism and other details I had not even considered. Her process opened my mind up to the possibilities. Kristin was very good at making suggestions and guiding me if she thought I was moving in a direction that would not benefit the final outcome. I highly recommend Kristin for her artistic design approach and superb service.”

— Cindy Buckett, Corporate Administrator, Guild Incorporated


My Specialties

Creating Unique Identities & Brand Personalities / Brand Messaging
Brand Overhauls for Clarity + Focus, Repositioning = Fresh Life
Designing Clear Communication Systems / Collateral
On-Target, Brand-Centric, Multi-Deliverable Projects
Web (Responsive) Design, Custom E-mail Templates
Brand Copy Writing + Ad Copy Writing
Branding Events Themes + Event Promotions

How I Can Help You Succeed

Create, implement, and manage your brand across all media, seamlessly
Manage your projects, from concept to completion, on time, on budget
Provide on-target, brand centric multi-deliverable projects
Bring fresh ideas, perspectives, and direction to all your projects
Offering genuine enthusiasm and leadership

Marketing Strategists and Project Managers — looking for an experienced graphic designer who does much more than make pixels look pretty? Add me to your team.


Here’s what I bring to the table

INPUT. Bringing research and resources you don’t have time to hunt down. CURIOSITY. Understanding all aspects of a project, from details to the big picture. I ask a lot of really good questions to bring clarity to any project. PERSPECTIVE. Generating fresh ideas that add sparkle to marketing campaigns. DIRECTION. Providing clear art, design, and photo direction that is in tune with the project. ADAPTIVE. As a quick learner, I’m not afraid to jump into the unknowns. I’ve dived in cold and learned to use a number of CMS, such as WordPress, DNN (DotNetNuke), and Blackboard for the projects at hand. COLLABORATIVE. Going above and beyond to make you look good and to make projects a success.

What To Work Together?