Why Is Having A Tagline So Important?

Just as your logo is the visual face of your brand, a tagline is a part of your brand voice. A tagline is said and heard and so it can reach beyond the “physical places” your brand is displayed, i.e. on products, marketing materials, website, etc.

A tagline is a very short, snappy and best of all, a memorable bit about what you are and what you deliver. When we hear famous taglines, we instantly associate it with the brand. Hear “Just Do It.” and we think Nike. “Every Kiss Begins with Kay” and we think Kay Jewelers. Or the one we all grew up hearing: “Melts In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hands.” (Craving some M&Ms, right about now?)

For my design studio, I often use “Like Sunshine On a Cloudy Day.” It’s fitting for my brand “Grand Ciel.” Grand Ciel means “big sky” in French, so our tagline is a play on our name. What I offer clients are fresh ideas, bright solutions to their needs and assurance that I care deeply about their business as much as they do. I make it super easy and a joy to work together.

The following is a tagline “worksheet” that will help you arrive at the perfect tagline that’s right for you, your business and your brand. Now, go grab a pencil…

Create Winning Taglines Worksheet

This will help you generate some ideas for a tagline. Remember, it’s a process so don’t set anything in stone until you’re certain sounds right.

1. What do you offer? What is the end result of your services? Why do clients hire you?

2. How do you solve problems? What are your specific tactics?

3. Who is your audience? Specifically, what size business, what industry, what niche?

4. Fill in the blanks to complete the formula for what you do:

How to ________________________________________________________________________

With __________________________________________________________________________

For ___________________________________________________________________________

5. You’ve probably written a formal professional way to each part of the formula above. Now, rephrase each section above, but using common vernacular. Think of the coolest, catchy way to say it:

How to ________________________________________________________________________

With __________________________________________________________________________

For ___________________________________________________________________________

6. To spark new ideas is to look at what you arrived at above from a different, perhaps completely illogical perspective, by mixing things up:

For ___________________________________________________________________________

How to ________________________________________________________________________

With __________________________________________________________________________

More Thoughts on the Subject — When Crafting a Tagline, Ask Yourself Three Questions:

Does the tagline reflect a benefit to the audience rather than a feature of your business? People make decisions based on how they can benefit from your product/service.

Does the tagline differentiate your business from your competitor’s? Can the same tagline apply to your competitor?

What do you offer that your prospects think they need?

Focus on the aspects of your work that reflect the needs your prospects are aware of. If they recognize their need in your tagline, you’re half-way there.

Final Note: Refine your tagline with the help of your market. Once you come up with a few options, poll your clients and ask your trusted advisors and colleagues for their honest options, too. You can gain so much valuable insight into the needs and preferences of a market by directly asking for feedback…proving once again that people want to help. All you have to do is ask.

Need more help with your branding? All you have to do is ask. Let’s talk.

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