Grand Ciel ~ It Means “Big Sky” in French.

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About the Studio

Founded in 1996, Grand Ciel Design Co. is a St. Paul-based multi-disciplinary design studio committed to creating good design and getting measurable real results for nonprofits, small businesses, women-owned operations, and socially responsible enterprises, (a.k.a. B-corps). My focus is on creating memorable authentic brands and effective campaigns for my clients.

Grand Ciel Design Co. is certified by the State of Minnesota as a targeted Woman-Owned Business (W) with the Central Certification (CERT) Program and a targeted vendor with the City of Minneapolis.

If you really want to know more in-depth about how I run things around here, keep on reading. If you’d like know more about me, just follow the button below.

Business Model

Grand Ciel Design functions as a virtual studio, bringing together a team to best respond to your unique needs. I have a network of highly professional experts in marketing strategy, copywriting, photography, video, web development, and SEO strategy that come together with one goal in mind — to help you fulfill your goals that are aligned with your overarching mission to making the world a better place.

Collaborative Approach

Not only do I love collaborating with my team but I love collaborating with my clients. Depending on your project’s scope, I’ll provide different design directions for you to choose from. I’ll explain the thinking (along with presented written rationales) behind my recommendations and listen carefully to your feedback. I believe this exchange of ideas helps uncover the best solutions and deliver the best outcomes.


I understand the importance of coming in on time and on budget. I communicate clearly to clients about timelines and costs to keep everything on track. I will also share my process from the beginning to help set goals and expectations.

Strategic Approach

I start your project by actively listening to you and asking good questions to better understand you and your organization. Together we will plot out a Creative Brief to ensure we’re on the same page about your project’s vision, scope and end result goals. Next, myself and/or my team will thoroughly research your organization’s history, previous marketing efforts, target audiences, obstacles and desired outcomes before any design work begins. This establishes a winning foundation as projects move from concept phase to final roll-out.

Concept to Completion

Once your project has been reviewed and revised, and is ready for production, all the details will be handled on my end, so you can continue to focus on the next steps of your marketing, your event outreach or your business at hand.

It All Starts with a Conversation.

Now that you’ve learned a bit on how my studio rolls, I hope it leaves you with a sense that working with me and my team that you will be in good hands. Still, nothing beats a good old fashioned “getting to know you” conversation to understand if we are meant to work together.

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