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Hi. I’m Kristin, an outstanding* graphic designer + creative resource who turns marketing struggles into marketing successes.

Smart Design Solutions + Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits + Socially Responsible Enterprises

What’s Your Marketing Struggle?

Are you looking for ways to grow your audience, turning them into engaged advocates for your organization? Do you grapple to keep your messaging consistent across all media? Maybe it’s time for a branding refresh that better aligns with your vision and who you are as an organization. Or you’re sensing your communications plan could be more effective and have greater reach if it had a well thought out creative strategy to support it. Whatever your marketing situation is, I’m here to help turn your struggles into successes.

UPDATE: As of March 2021, Kristin has retired from Grand Ciel Design Co. to pursue her vocation as a professional visual artist at Terra Kind Studio. Kristin is very much interested in environmental and conservation matters so if the right project became available, she would consider taking it on.


Grand Ciel Design Co. is my graphic design studio where passion for good design and good causes come together. I focus on partnering with nonprofits and socially responsible enterprises (like you!) helping them succeed in their overarching mission to make the world a better place.

You can find my original artwork and writing at Terra Kind Studio.  And you can find sampling of my poetry at
A Thousand Conversations. NOTE: I am currently working full-time in my vocation as a visual artist.
However, if your project is the right fit, let’s talk.

Outstanding* Graphic Designer?

Isn’t that braggadocious — especially for Minnesota? The thing is, I am really good for the people I serve. By outstanding, I mean that I am a designer who thinks, actively listens, asks lots of good questions, sees the big picture along with all the details, is resourceful, goes beyond the call of duty, is dependable and really, really passionate about good design that communicates with impact. There you have it.

design for good causes / featured projects

honey bee flying into large yellow sunflower

Blue Thumb Resilient Yards Workshops
Be inspired. Become resilient.
{ Print Design, Videos + Social Memes }

honey bee flying into large yellow sunflower

Lifespan Chiropractic
Chiropractic Care for the Span of Your Life
{ WordPress Website Design }

Shen Spirit Gate Children Support Programs

Shen Men Spirit Gate
Enriching Childhood Development
{ WordPress Website Design }

Walking in Woods Health Benefits of Trees

Minnesota Department of Resources
Get Your Daily Dose of Trees 
{ Creative Direction and Design }

Kaleidoscope Charter School Rebranding

Prouty i•Will
Igniting Women in Leadership + Life.
{ New Branding, Print Design }

Walking in Woods Health Benefits of Trees

Rhythmical Massage Therapy of NA
All life in time is carried by rhythms
{ WordPress Website Design }


“Kristin is one of those rare designers who is the whole package – she’s brand savvy, thorough, passionate, and focused on the end result. Her astute marketing sense belies the fact that she is a true artist. Her unique and refreshing take on design is not only thoughtful but full of insight, wit, and keen attention to detail. She is always ready to tackle something new, is precise with specs for both print and digital projects, and she can write. In short, she is an indispensable partner. I trust her and highly recommend her.”

Mary Pat McNeil, Owner/Solution Master,
MP+G Marketing Solutions

Whether it’s creating a clear brand voice, a successful marketing strategy, or transforming your website into an engaging, responsive one, there are many creative, effective ways I can benefit you and your organization.

I serve my clients through collaboration, active listening, empathy, and desire to solve whatever they are struggling with marketing-communication-wise. With a creative strategy and consulting I help people solve issues like brand clarity, awareness, outreach, retention, growth, and sustainability. Intrigued? Find out about my process and what it’s like to work with me.



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