Any of This Sound Familiar?

Then We Should Talk.

You’re an (Educational or Green) Start-up.

You may or may not have an identity (logo) and brand messaging. You have a website, but it’s one of those DIYs sites. You have a number of marketing tools, but they don’t feel “right” or cohesive and clear. You want polish and professionalism. You want an authentic brand personality with a marketing strategy to back it up. You’re a little intimidated by the whole brand marketing process, but really want to get this right and receive value for the investment.

You’re a Project Manager or Head of a Marketing Department.

You’ve landed a huge project, but don’t have enough internal bandwidth. You want an ace designer as a virtual teammate, one who is an expert orchestrating all the little details, but keeps her eye on the big collective picture and can see potential beyond the project scope.

You’re an (Education or Environmental) Non-profit.

You’ve worked with a number of freelance graphic designers throughout the years. You may have a style guide for your non-profit’s identity, but that’s about it. Because there isn’t a solid brand strategy in place to follow and evolve, your brand lacks clarity and a visual disconnect from print to website and ultimately with supporters. You want to strengthen your brand, give it a cohesive direction to connect with donors (or members) and build awareness for your cause.

You’re a Small to Mid-sized (Green Economy) Business.

You’ve had years of success, but may be hitting a milestone, anniversary or seeing changes in your industry and what your target markets want. You have an established identity, marketing tools, and website, but you feel you’re not as relevant as you use to be. You’d like to evolve your brand strategically, but are really scared to take the next step.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Wonderful! But you want to know if we’re a good fit, right? So do I. That’s why I offer a FREE 30-minute phone consultation to get to know you and your business better. It gives you a no-obligation chance to ask questions about my process and creative services. A win-win!

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