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Get Your Daily Dose of Trees

Art Direction, Design

woman backpacking through old forest path

Starting in early 2016, I was brought into the Arbor Month Celebration campaign in collaboration with MP&G Marketing Solutions to help the Minnesota DNR educate and promote this year’s over arching theme on the “health benefits of trees.” Each year, the MN DNR selects a “host city” for its Arbor Month Celebration events and festivities. With the theme set, Rochester, Minnesota, home of the world renowned Mayo Clinic, was a natural choice.

Get Your Daily Dose of Trees

The project began with creating a theme graphic that could be easily incorporated across media to promote the Arbor Month Celebration 2016. Because the main target audience would be kids, their parents, schools and school nurses, I kept the design clean and simple, child-like, easy to read tree shapes with “parent and child” enjoying their natural surroundings.

While the overarching theme focus was on the the “health benefits of trees,” the theme itself needed a catch phrase or tagline. There were rounds of brainstorming to work out the best group of words and phrases would work best and be memorable. A pair of rhyming lines made the final cut.

Website banner image Arbor Month May 2016 Get Your Daily Dose of Trees

For a stronger visual tie-in with the Arbor Month Celebration, I chose to overlay the theme graphic over a selected photo of a park pathway, lined with trees. Web banner was posted on the MN DNR website.

MN DNR Health Benefits of Trees Infographic

As a fun, educational tool / poster, I designed an infographic with a tree as the focus point with icons representing each specific benefit trees provide. Infographic was sent to schools as part of an educational Arbor Month kit.


Theme Graphic
Letterhead / Envelope
Web and Social Banners
Infographic Poster
Social Memes (Facebook & Twitter)
Print Banner

“The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources works to integrate and sustain the interdependent values of a healthy environment, a sustainable economy, and livable communities. DNR’s integrated resource management strategy shares stewardship responsibility with citizens and partners to manage for multiple interests.” Read more about the DNR >

View Site: Minnesota DNR

Trees and shrubs can reduce stressful noises by 50%
Trees decrease mental stress
Trees Keep the Air Clean

Taking each health benefit and turning it into a social meme to post on Facebook and Twitter expanded educational reach beyond the printed infographic poster. Images and alternatives were selected to pair with each health benefit and corresponding health icon. Images were chosen for relevancy, appeal and humor. Below: Social Meme adapted for MN DNR’s Twitter feed.

Health Benefit of Trees Twitter Post Sample 1

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