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Ashwood Family Council

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When a big family is running a big family business for generations with extended family living across the country, how (before Facebook) did they all stay connected? As Facebook does exist, even a family “dynasty” wants its privacy. Enter the Family Council website.

Family Council websites have been around as a content management system for keeping large families connected, organize reunions, birthdays and other family events. Since I wasn’t loving the rigid template look and feel of those available online, I decided to do one better.

NOTE: This project was a “proof of concept” that was used as part of a client presentation and a colleague collaboration.

Ashwood Family Council website homepage design
Ashwood Family Council website design

Every family is unique, so I started by creating a fictional family (The Ashwoods) with its own fictional business and brand (Ashwood Brothers Construction Company) as a starting point for the concept. The secure log-in website would have a duel purpose — organize the family side of business and organize family affairs. The deeper underlining purpose of this family council website is to stay connected across miles and generations.

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