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Creative Box [ of Reasoning ] is a side project. It started as a way to end a creative block by “IGNORE EVERYONE” as in critics, paying way TOO much attention to what everyone else is doing and simply focus on what I wanted professionally and personally. The idea is to help others move forward, inspire them to have the courage and do what needs to get done.

Creative Box of Reasoning Poster One

Because I love typography and never seem to grow tired of Helvetica’s clean, dependable face, I created a challenge of writing pithy lines of inspiration, (not sappy, but snarky), into an allotted square space resulting in a series of twelve “mini posters.” The idea would be to take this concept one step further by printing these in letterpress.

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Creative Box of Reasoning Side Project

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WOW! I just read through the BOXes. These took me back to my 10th-grade art teacher, who stood me in front of a pyramid that clearly pointed to its first layer words not allowed spoken in his classroom. They were the words “I can’t.”

You state you would like to silk screen each of those BOXes onto something that could hang from the ceiling, displaying each BOX and the beautiful words inside them.

This is an impressive idea. KUDOS girl.


~ Kaye Lokowich
Ryan Blake Investments