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Aerial Measurements

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Aerial Measurements Identity


A premier rooftop measuring software company that started out successfully in 2008 needed to regroup after a change of leadership and company reorganizing. That meant a new name, new branding and front-end website design to interact with their roof top measurement software.

Their original website was woefully out-of-date in terms of user expectations along with mediocre branding and messaging. I created a fresh new identity and public facing website that could return their credibility as leaders in the structural measurement industry. The website rollout is being coordinated with its measurement software — also in need of updating to improve performance and user expectations.

Aerial Measurements new logo

I gave Aerial Measurements a clean, strong streamlined look that could visually hold up on a responsive website and when set across applications — online and in print. Because this is a growing start-up company, we left room for the brand to adapt for company divisions and product lines.

Because Aerial Measurements’ software can measure more than roofs, (if you can see, they can measure it!), we created an overall look of angled layers to visually imply precision and accuracy behind the software. I chose a bold typeface, (again to hold up in a responsive website environment), but to have that industrial, boots-on-the ground, almost utility professional feel that roofers, contractors and insurance adjusters depend on when it comes to accessing accurate measurements in the field.

Aerial Measurements website design shown on iMac

Aerial Measurements’ new website has a wide open “aerial” feel perfect for showing images that ties in with what its software can do. The homepage functions like a one-page website with a quick overview of software features and benefits for potential clients to easily grasp and make a buying decision. Internal pages provide an Aerial Measurements’ software tour and pricing packages.

Overall the site was designed with busy roofers and contractors in mind who don’t want a lot of fuss, they just want something that works well and easily to insurance adjusters who want the level of detail and accuracy Aerial Measurements’ software can deliver.

Aerial Measurements website design screen shoots
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