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Project Scope and Your Budget

Pricing for Your Projects

At Grand Ciel Design, it’s all about open and honest communication. Nowhere is that more true than when I’m discussing costs with clients. Discussing pricing early on is best so we all feel comfortable and I can start working on your project. First, I’ll ask, “What’s your budget?” Knowing there’s a budget up front, I’ll develop the scope of work around that amount. If not, I’ll provide tiered pricing with good, better and best outcomes.  For non-profits clients, I am particularly budget-conscience and do what I can to accommodate project pricing.

Pricing is estimated on a per-project basis. Price depends on the scope of the project and the extent to which I’m involved. The reason I don’t have a fixed pricing list is because each project is unique. Based on industry surveys, however, my pricing is competitive (on national average) with that of qualified independent contractors and small multi-person firms.

Coming in January 2017!

Branding Pricing Bundles for Start-ups and Small Businesses

Estimates, Deposits & Payment

A written estimate / scope of work will be prepared after our initial conversation detailing the project requirements and is based on the amount of time the project is expected to consume. Project estimates may be considered “not-to-exceed” estimates in accordance with the terms and conditions, provided the scope of the project does not change materially from what was initially discussed. If an adjustment is necessary, it will be presented and approved in writing before work outside the original scope is performed. All estimates must be signed by the client before work can begin.

Invoices are issued on delivery for projects that are completed within the calendar month. Projects that extend beyond the calendar month will be billed at the end of each month based on the amount of time consumed. Payment terms are due upon receipt of an invoice. New clients will be required to provide a 25% deposit for services.

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