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You Make The World A Better Place.

Spot on marketing + branding + design solutions for educational + environmental organizations.

If You Shape Minds, Build Lives or Strive to Make the World a Better Place, I Work With You.

Or you could say I really want to work with you. For organizations working in areas of education or addressing environmental issues, your mission is vital to the advancement, health, and well-being of our society. In choosing a creative marketing partner to increase people’s awareness and achieve objectives for your cause, you want to know from the start if I have a knowledge, understanding and a passion for your field or industry. See for yourself.


Offering Effective Creative Marketing+Branding+Design Services To:


Schools and School Districts
Colleges and Universities
Museums and Cultural Centers
Mentoring Programs


Renewable Energy
Green Economy
Water Shed Districts
Government Agencies
Eco-friendly Organizations

Choosing a Creative Partner is a Really Big Deal.

You want a blend of industry smarts, talent, and commitment to your success. Through actively listening and asking the questions that get to the heart of issues you’re needing to solve, with trust and vision, I can deliver compelling creative marketing+branding+design solutions that will make your organization (and your brand) shine.


“Kristin Peterson is one of those rare designers who is the whole package – she’s brand savvy, thorough, passionate, and focused on the end result. Her astute marketing sense belies the fact that she is a true artist. Her unique and refreshing take on design is not only thoughtful but full of insight, wit, and a keen attention to detail. She is always ready to tackle something new, is precise with specs for both print and digital projects, and she can write. In short, she is an indispensable partner.
I trust her and highly recommend her.”

— Mary Pat McNeil, Owner/Solution Master, MP+G Marketing Solutions


honey bee flying into large yellow sunflower

Blue Thumb Resilient Yards Workshops
Be inspired. Become resilient.
{ Print Design, Video Shorts + Social Memes }

Walking in Woods Health Benefits of Trees

Minnesota Department of Resources
Get Your Daily Dose of Trees 
{ Creative Direction and Design }

Kaleidoscope Charter School Rebranding

Kaleidoscope Charter School
Education. Reimagined.
{ Rebranding, Print+Web Design }

Grand Ciel Design is a creative marketing + branding design studio, offering strategic brand marketing/promotional campaigns and smart marketing+design solutions for both web and print.


Working with Educational and Environmental clients in the non-profit and for-profit sectors, I collaborate with strategic marketing directors and project managers to successfully and creatively address all aspects involved with clients’ projects.


I create strategic branded marketing communications that inform, are memorable and incite action — whether that means building audience awareness, motivating them to donate, buy a service, an idea or simply fall in love with your brand.


Taking a holistic approach to your organization, I understand your business’ channels for generating revenue (and/or donors, supporters, fans, and brand advocates) and work to create a solution that spells success to you.


Would we make good partners? I offer a free 30-minute “Getting to Know You” consultation to listen and learn about your objectives and goals to help shape a course of action that works best for you and your organization.

Let’s Build Something Grand Together.